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How Going Outside Helps

Written by Emma Constantine

23rd July 2020

There’s a 40 minute walk I do around our house. It takes me along country lanes, a bridal path and there are fields everywhere you look. I’ve done it countless times. Today it was different. Today I found myself walking slower to take in the beauty just that little bit more mindfully.

It appeared that in these 4 months of lockdown, no one has bothered to trim back the hedgerows and so creation is growing confidently and freely. Many bright butterflies caught my eye as they fluttered past and gently landed on leaves. The wildflowers, of many different shades of pink and purple that I don’t have vocabulary for, are protruding out of the ground. I even saw a bunny rabbit quickly finding refuge at the sound of my approaching footsteps.

I wish I had a camera with me, for obvious reasons. But also a notebook, for I found myself thinking more clearly, having great ideas, and being able to organize ideas that normally feel tangled up.

Inside the house I was feeling sluggish; I was ready to give up for the day (it was only 2:30pm). The afternoons are always more challenging for me but having heard a tip from a Naomi Light’s YouTube video about energy, I decided to go on a walk, just to see if it did boost my energy levels like she said it might. In this video, Naomi talks about going on a run; there’s a point on her run where she sees open fields and when she gets there she can feel her body opening up. She feels her energy channel getting wider and so this is a great start to the day for her. Being outside increases her energy levels and gives her inspiration. Sure enough, this is what happened to me as well. Without even trying, my mind began to clear a little and the thoughts I had whirring in my mind that felt like really difficult tasks, began to sound more achievable and even exciting to me.

It is tempting to add photos of what I am talking about here; however I would much rather encourage you to have your own small interaction with creation. Come back and tell me what natural treasures you found. And remember, take a camera and a notebook with you: you never know what golden nuggets you might see or think about!

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